About Me

Hi, I am Kelley

I am a nutrition coach, personal & group trainer. There have been many different stages in my fitness and health journey. And all of these stages have helped me to learn and grow as a professional and individual. 

I am a foodie at heart and have a great love of fitness and health. I have been overweight, extremely lean and everything in between. Now, I am happy and healthy – and this is what I want for all my clients.

I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained from all these different stages and help my clients realise that with knowledge, support, dedication and consistency you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

This is my passion. I love fitness, nutrition and want to help clients to achieve the best results they can. So many people find their nutrition incredibly challenging to navigate, and I believe that equipping yourself with the right tools and knowledge is the key to success!


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What I Do for Healthy Nutrition & fitness?

– Customised meal plans
– Nutrition coaching 1:1 online
– Group Coaching programs online
– Personal Training in person
– Online accountability and gym programs
– Gym programs online




Lilydale, Victoria, AUS