Nutrition Coaching

1:1 Nutrition Consult

The consultation is 30-45 minutes and will be delivered via phone or video (your preference).

If you’re ready to regain control of your health for good, this is the service for you!

I will collect information about you and your health history to understand the bigger picture. Some information will be collected on your medical history, medications, social circumstances, recent blood work (pathology), anthropometry (body weight, blood pressure), clinical signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiency/excess, diet history, current exercise, eating patterns and nutritional supplement regimen.

We will then go through a general overview of nutrition, your current diet – discussion and analysis and your needs and goals. We will breakdown of foods and macronutrients, and from your information I will provide macronutrient recommendations, some fitness and training advice, general meal ideas specific to your goals.

30-45 Online consult $125

Personalised Meal Plan

For those who like a little more structure!

Some people prefer structure and routine when it comes to food and nutrition. This service requires you to complete a meal plan assessment form which you will complete online when booking in your service. A personalised meal plan will be created that is specific to your goals, preferences and lifestyle. A consultation is not required for this service, although we do recommend reassessing your goals and meal plan every 8 weeks and also keep you on track by scheduling check-ins .

If your nutrition is lacking structure?

The key to success maybe a CUSTOMISED MEAL PLAN!


ONE PERSONALISED MEAL PLAN Suitable for a 8 week fat loss, muscle gain phase, maintenance or building and healing your relationship with nutrition.

Once your meal plan has been created, you will receive it via email as a PDF.

$185 ***no consult is included with this service***


No consultation is included in this service. Your meal plan is personalised to you and your goals and will be assessed for nutritional adequacy after it has been developed, so the process takes time. For best results meal plan must be follow to the exact time specifications Meal plan does not vary from week to week.

Personal Training

1 on 1 personal training in a fully equipped private studio

30 min session $45

45 min session $60

2 on 1 personal training in a fully equipped private studio

Train with a friend, keep each other accountable!

30 min session $30 each

45 min session $40 each

Online Gym Coaching & Training Programs

Personalised online gym coaching
This is perfect for those that already have knowledge in the gym.
Gives not only the program but accountability and support to keep you motivated.
and online checkins with you correcting technique etc

Gym Programs Only (without coaching)
The programs are for between 4-8 weeks
Good for those that dont need to be kept accountable.
Experienced Gym goers that do not need assistance with technique.



Lilydale, Victoria, AUS